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What Does The Word Abandon Mean?


an act of giving up voluntarily something that you own, such as an option or the right to a property – abandonment of a ship giving up a ship and cargo to the underwriters against payment for total loss.

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… when the customer is near the physical location to cross-sell items from a partially abandoned cart, or to avoid offers for the product they just bought.

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Remind the customer of their abandoned cart and entice them to finish the checkout process. In addition, you can also offer a limited-time discount to …


They allow to send emails based on the actions of subscribers and according to the events such as an abandoned cart, registration, purchase, or any …

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Influencer content can now be seen on product pages, abandoned cart emails, billboards, and even promoted as native ads by advertisers on …

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Another low-hanging fruit is abandoned cart data. “Little wins like that can prove ROI for a bigger investment,” Gaines said. “Often, you have to get …