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What Are Abbreviated Accounts?


a shortened version of a company’s annual accounts that a small or medium sized company can file with the Registrar of Companies, instead of a full version.

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How much will my Ltd company accounts cost?

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Basically had about 10 transactions and I want to close the ltd company, how much will my accounts likely cost. Think I made about £130.00 profit on…

Ltd Company Accounts – Small Company

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Hi, I’ve a good knowledge of accounting in general, rather limited from a ltd company side of things. Always focused on personal over corporate…..

Not for Profit Ltd Company Accounts

I have been asked to prepare a set of accounts for a not for profit company (limited by guarantee) for submission to Companies House.

Software For Ltd Company Accounts and Tax Filing

I know this subject seems to have been done over and over and maybe I am missing the point. We have recently set up a new small accountancy …

Where do I find LTD company accounts in South Africa?

There’s no such place I know of – private company records are … private! For public companies, I’m sure a request to the CIPC (Companies and …

Ltd Company accounts

AAT Discussion forums
Ltd company accounts must be prepared in accordance with relevant accounting standards, but there are no restrictions on who is allowed to prepare …